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"I have a small business and many clients asked me about the Colombian belts; at CYSM I found products with the quality I was looking for for my clients"


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Clarify your doubts with our exclusive agent team to guide you to create sales possibilities, with recommendations according to your needs.

Exclusive system

Our exclusive system allows you to have profits of up to 70%, we protect your income by handling the same prices around all our distributors.

Smart investment

Manage your products in the way that helps your business the most, with CYSM you have the flexibility to change your products for another size or another line according to your needs.

Order anywhere!

Access and unique account on our wholesale page, where you can make, manage and control all your orders.

Custom advertising

Project your customers the best of your products with our exclusive Graphic Design service for your business and make the difference between the competition.

Inventory Availability

You will never run out of merchandise! Thanks to our fast replenishment system, you will always have products at your disposal and with a minimum waiting time.

Social Media Marketing

Have at your disposal images and videos about CYSM products to share and promote yourself on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Position yourself through social networks!

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We will keep you informed about our news, events and trends, stay one step ahead of your competition!

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Exclusive access to sales tools, where you can find trends, strategies, ideas and support for your business.

Free membership

No hidden costs, if you keep your account active month by month you will never have to pay membership cost.

Discover a new market!

With an extensive variety of products, you have the control of being able to expand your business anywhere.

Discover a new market!

We understand how difficult it can be to start, so we have created this system to boost your start in the world of sales.

What is the minimum monthly purchase?

The minimum monthly purchase is approximately 18 items with flexibility if your store or business is verifiable.

Can you make my website?

No, for now we do not have that service, but we can help you to carry out personalized advertising for your business.

What is the warranty of the products?

In CYSM we are committed to your success, that's why our products go through a strict review process, in case anyone had a factory defect we will be there to help you.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is calculated from the base costs of USPS and UPS, and with the help of an agreement with CYSM, the price may vary depending on the weight and quantity of products that are made in the order.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes, you can change or cancel your order at any time before it has been shipped. If the product has been sent, once you arrive at your home you can proceed to change your order.

Do they make international shipments?

Yes, we make international shipments, however depending on the country the cost of the garment can increase with the payment of taxes as well as the shipment.

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