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Our exclusive system allows you to have profits of up to 70%, we protect your income by handling the same prices around all our distributors.

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Our export experience allows us to help you get your orders to where you are quickly and safely, without tedious processes or paperwork.

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Have at your disposal images and videos about CYSM products to share and promote yourself on whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. Position yourself through social networks!

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Obtain profits of 70%, we protect your income handling the same prices around all our distributors and keeping your products with freedom and ease of change.

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Project to your audience the best of your products with our exclusive Graphic Design service for your business and make the difference between your competition.

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Manage your products in the way that helps your business the most, with CYSM you have the flexibility to change your products for another size or another line according to your needs.

Sales Advisor

Clarify your doubts with our exclusive agent team to guide you to create sales possibilities, with recommendations according to your needs.

Inventory Availability

Being manufacturers allows us to have an efficient system of re-supply, guaranteeing the availability of the products you need in a minimum waiting time.

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Exclusive access to sales tools, where you can find trends, strategies, ideas and support for your business.

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No hidden costs, if you keep your account active month by month you will never have to pay membership cost.

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What is my profit margin with CYSM?

El margen de ganancias varía dependiendo del producto, desde un 40% a un 70%, además aseguramos tu inversión intercambiando tus productos por otra talla,  línea o producto nuevo.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes, the changes and cancellations are valid until the moment the order is sent. After that they can no longer be canceled, however they can be exchanged for another product of your choice.

Can I place orders with high volumes?

Yes, being manufacturers gives us complete control over our supply, which allows you to never run out of product and without purchase limit.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

We process orders within 24 / 48hrs after the day of payment accreditation. Subsequently send us your order, this time can vary between 5 to 7 days depending on the season of the year or holiday dates.

¿Do they make international shipments?

Yes, we make international shipments, depending on the country the cost of the garment may vary, with the payment of taxes as well as the shipment.

How can I pay my orders?

We accept payments with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Dinners, Money Orders, COD, PayPal y pagos internacionales por Direct Transfer. And it is possible to make your payment directly at the CYSM branch in Los Angeles C.A.

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